asks would be very much appreciated ^^


Anonimo said: omigosh you're back I've missed you!!!!!

ooc; hey there heh yeah i decided that i might as well put this blog back up i mean i took a break but just letting yo u knwo im prob gonna be rlly irregular becaus e well im in my a-levels and yeah c: but im back from the dead

"...You know, not that much. Its just a chocolate bar."

Spookiest halloween update of them all;

I think I might put this blog on an indefinate hiatus ;;

Don't touch me Spain.

askagrumpyfemnation said: ((I cannot get over how cute and adorable and handsome and perfect your face is I just-- I have a lot of weird feelings. ´ ▽ ` )ノ you're so precious can I give you cake and hugs please))

((I’m???  noi t???? ?i??? thank you!!!

oh gos h im jsut i donty knwo how to respond to that omg !! thank ou#!))



Hey guys! I’m sorry but I won’t be updating this week, as I just packed my cosplay for London MCM Comic Con and I’ll be in the Romano outfit on Sunday! Say hi to me if you see me!